Welcome to the “Violence against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition”


The “Violence against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition” is a not-for-profit public awareness and educational project designed to highlight the global issues of violence against women and children.


While the Exhibition focuses primarily on the issues of Domestic Violence & Abuse, Rape and Sexual Assault, it also includes related issues such as Teen Dating Violence, Date Rape, Drug Facilitated Rape & Sexual Assault, Prostitution, Trafficking, Elder Abuse, Child Abuse and the practice of Female Genital Mutilation.


The Exhibition is also designed for use by its hosts as a forum for the promotion of local support agencies working on the issue of violence against women & children.



The “Violence against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition” can now be followed on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb




Important Notice: Disclaimer

Viewers of the Exhibition Web-site are advised to respect that issues of copyright in relation to posters may arise and are cautioned that such copyright is held by those organisations, agencies and individuals who have very kindly donated these posters to this project. Accordingly, should any person, agency or organisation wish to seek copies of poster(s), they should contact the respective donating individual, agency or organisation of origin.