It can happen to you or someone you love Silence is deadly, especially when it comes to domestic violence. Did you know that 1:3 women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime? And did you know that this is the largest cause of injury to women in America? You probably didnt. But, that is ok. Now is the time to get educated on this.


I am Tanya Brown, the youngest sister of Nicole Brown Simpson who was murdered on June 12, 1994 by her ex-husband O.J. Simpson. Nicole documented 17 years of abuse and none of us knew. With the help of local shelters, campaigns and a lot of education, my family was able to reach out to millions of people because we now knew what Domestic Violence is, where it starts and where it CAN end.


Without education and awareness campaigns, women and children of all ages will feel helpless, hopeless and completely alone. With Colm Dempseys awareness campaign you will begin to understand that this is NO laughing matter. People are dying every day from this and the only cure is YOU.


Please be mindful of this campaign and cause. Please understand that it can happen to you or someone you love. Remember: Domestic Violence doesnt see race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or socio-economic divisions. It sees no boundaries. If you breathe, you can be affected by it


So, from the bottom of my heart remain open to the education of Domestic Violence, as it can be your child, mother, father, friend or partner. I dont want to see any more Nicoles out there. If you are a Nicole, reach out and get help.