What the Exhibition is about…



The concept behind the exhibition is quiet simply:- there are 365 days in the year but during every day of the year, every hour in the day, every minute of the hour and every second of the minute, somewhere in this world, women – irrespective of race, colour or religion – are being subjected to violence, abuse, neglect or rape.


The aim is through the use of posters from around the world, being representative of each day of the year, the power and visual impact of each poster allows the message to get across to the viewer that all forms of violence against women & children is totally unacceptable. This is achieved through the format of the exhibition focusing on the issues through specific categories such as:-

  The Extent of the problem;

  Gender Roles;

  Campaigns aimed at Men;

  Safety versus Blame;

  Campaigns aimed at Women;

  Effects on Children;

  Shock Value;

  Communities Responding.


This exhibition was important enough for:

Paaras Abbas - a young award winning artist from Pakistan, then only 11 years old, drawing a poster especially for this exhibition,

Beata Pozniak - a renowned actress, painter and sculptress from the USA to send over an exclusive print of her work. She was one of the movers behind getting the 8th March established as International Women’s Day.

Tanya Brown – sister of murdered Nicole Brown Simpson - who so kindly got in touch with me in 2002. She was so supportive of the exhibition concept that she offered her assistance. I was so proud when she agreed to do the foreword for the front of the exhibition brochure.

So what is the message that this exhibition is trying to get across? It is very simple, in the world today;

         South Africa 1 woman is raped every 28 seconds

         USA every 9 seconds a woman is physically abused

         UK every 20 seconds a woman is the victim of domestic violence, with 2 women killed per week

         Sweden & France 52 women killed per year as a result of domestic violence

         Egypt 35% women reported being beaten by their husband during marriage

         Korea 38% women reported being physically abused

Chile 26% women report at least one episode of violence by their partner

         Russia 14,000 women killed per year as a result of domestic violence

         Ireland… 159 women murdered since 1996

         1 in 5 women will experience a sexual assault..

         1 in 5 women are the victims of physical abuse by their husband or partner


In conclusion, the exhibition is not a campaign citing that men are the only perpetrators of domestic violence. The exhibition has always acknowledged that men are also victims of domestic violence. However, it is hoped that wherever the exhibition may travel to, people are motivated by it to do something to support victims of abuse while at the same time, giving a voice to those women and children who continue to suffer in silence. The message is very simple:  No-one deserves to be abused and that is irrespective of gender.